Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can I go ahead and put it out there that every single painting class I've attended this semester so far (6: 3 hour sessions twice a week for the past 3 weeks), I have cried during or after? My final class of painting, the highest level, the brightest artists, the intimidatingly knowledgeable professor, the blank canvas, the rough start, the critiques comin' in hot, the feelings of embarrassment, of shame, of disgust, the inability to convey, the inability to identify what it is I want to convey, the feeling that I know nothing after all these years of art instruction...

I came across this quote and I want to take the liberty to apply it also to my situation in Fine Arts 405_3323:

“We write (paint, create, express) to find out what we know and what we want to say.” 
 -William Zinsser, Writing to Learn 

Just keep swimming, just the swimming, swimming swimming...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today I was telling my story of the Philippines and how I worked alone and independently most of my internship to a man also working in the Philippines right now. His response was unlike anything I have ever heard before, but really struck me. 
He said, "Well, working alone teaches us more about dependancy on one another."
It hit me because while I am running around trying to serve ourselves, I am missing the truly important concept of being in community or fellowship. 
Without a place to belong, self-gain is worthless. And it feels like it after awhile, too.
Which is why we need each other, no matter what the context.

(PS...This is my 100th post!)