Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I love About San José: The Restaurants

Remember when I didn't find anything redeeming about Costa Rica's capital? That I couldn't find any intriguing buildings, no remnants of history, no places I wanted to wander around in? Well I was wrong. Let's start first with the surprising places I found to fill my belly. Proof:

Casa los Sueños
An amazingly artsy café/bar hidden in one of San Jose's oldest neighborhood. 
Cool local paintings on the wall? Check.
Delicious veggie-friendly food and sangria? Check.
Interesting crowd to people watch? Check.

Roma Café
A cozy, contemporary Italian restaurant with live jazz music and a killer risotto.
Kitschy colosseum lanterns? Check.
Exposed brick walls? Check.
Takeout with a moped? Check.

Mi Tierra
Sure it's touristy, but the classic café chorreado served in traditional tin mugs make it worth bearing the keyboardist playing the same folklore song for 30 minutes.  
Attention to detail to include every possible thing traditional to Costa Rica? Check.
Casado served on banana leaf plates? Check.
Hand-painted murals on the exterior walls? Check.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A very Merry late Christmas and Feliz Año

My favorite things about this year's (or I guess, last year's) Christmas season:

The entire downtown streets of San Jose decorated with suspended lights...

...giant Christmas trees...

...and flashing holiday greetings.

Couples who know each other too well.

Large, intriguing presents.

Steaming fondue Christmas dinner with family.

Inappropriate moustaches.

Festive table settings.

Belly laughs.

True love.

Merry 2012!