Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today I was telling my story of the Philippines and how I worked alone and independently most of my internship to a man also working in the Philippines right now. His response was unlike anything I have ever heard before, but really struck me. 
He said, "Well, working alone teaches us more about dependancy on one another."
It hit me because while I am running around trying to serve ourselves, I am missing the truly important concept of being in community or fellowship. 
Without a place to belong, self-gain is worthless. And it feels like it after awhile, too.
Which is why we need each other, no matter what the context.

(PS...This is my 100th post!)


  1. I was reading a great article recently on narcisism in the church andin our culture. The guy was talking about how he could work so much more efficiently and probably do a better job to boot - then threw down this revelation: "God is honored in the inefficiencies of community." Straight to the heart, especially because I was in the thick of a group project for class!

    I think that what we typically call "fellowship" is usually just hanging out. God is honored when we choose to put aside our differences and work together, not just play.

    Love you KK.

  2. So true Abbey. I love that quote about God being honored in our inefficiencies haha! Never thought of it like that. After all, God doesn't need our communities to do His work necessarily, but when we try to work together for His God that is what he wants of us!

    Also, I am convicted about working and not just playing together in felllowship. Good point.

  3. Have I told you lately that I love you? [I know, Rod Stewart song, but it is worth quoting] How profound and messy is community, how truly inefficient, but it's God's wacky plan for us to participate in the Gospel as Paul wrote. Somehow our participation is both where we see Him best and where we need Him most--gotta love the paradox. I miss you being in my community, Boo.