Friday, June 19, 2009

To San Pedro I Go

So, after my big pro-Skype post, I realized that while Skype is still great, we will not be able to communicate through it now because I am leaving tomorrow to go to my permanent residence here in San Pedro. So, sorry for the deception!

San Pedro is kinda like a suburb in the States, but here it is a province. It's about 2 hours commute outside of Manila (where the FH office is and where I've been the last week). Although I will be returning to Manila occasionally, I will be staying every night in San Pedro with my host family. I'm excited to meet them! My schedule becomes also very different starting tomorrow because my work begins. I will be travelig to 10 different communites that FH sponsors all outside of Manila on this island of Luzon. I'll go with national FH staff to these communities where I will take video and photos for promo material, presentations, etc. This also makes me quite excited! I'll be posting some of the pictures on this blog so watch for them!

Bye bye Quezon City Guesthouse!

I can't believe it's only been 1 week since I've been in the Philippines because it feels like a lot longer. I grasp the life here more and more each day and this move will introduce a whole new culture of its own. I've been inspired by the concept of poverty as discussed beginning at FH orientation in Phoenix to conversations about it here in the Philippines. I'm intereseted to see how all the theories and plans end up working out in the real world and I'm sure I'll get to see that for myself and of course I will let you know about it. I apologize for not going deeper but our private Jeepney leaves at 6am tomorrow so I must get some sleep now for maybe the last time in a long time to be on a mattress in AC!

Expect posts about once a week from now on as the internet cafe is my new spot for access. Salamat (thank you) for all your prayers and thougths and encouragement so far, and please keep it up! It's only getting harder from here.

Shalom, KK


  1. Hahaha naka! me encanta tu cuartito :P jajajaja! Lastima que no nos podremos communicar via skpe. :( Nimodo ! Mil suerte, y estoy siguendo tus historias, religiosamente, ajajjajaja !

  2. Hey KK! I love reading your blogs! I hope your doing well. We're praying for you and can't wait to read more. We're so proud of you!
    Love you!
    Beth Rose

  3. i'm so proud of you KK......go get 'em, girl!!!!!!
    : )

  4. Hola mi hermana!

    Fui a yoga hoy, pero es mejor cuando estas aqui! Quiero hablar contigo en skype:( posible luego ok?! te extrano mucho! te quiero!
    con amor

  5. Yeah, what Co said. :) bmw