Friday, June 12, 2009


I am here! 

I arrived in Manila 2 hours ago to the smell of Mexico and the feel of a sauna. It's dark now so driving through the city I didn't see too much, only streets lined with people, shops, and cute little tricycles with roofs. I can't wait to see everything illuminated. Tomorrow I will meet my host family, but for now my fellow intern, Jenn, and I are staying in the FH guest house which will ease us into things-- there are matresses, runnning water (which can be heated!), and wi-fi, things that pretty soon will be highly desired and luxury. I start language school on Monday, and on the (27 hour total) trip over, I learned that Tagalog shares some words as Spanish! Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up. 

More updates to come, but I am here and I am well!


  1. ay ! naka ! jajaj que padrisimo que ya llegaste.. estoy esperando mas noticias :) cuidate! besos

  2. I am so glad you made it safely =)

    That is crazy that it was 27 hours total! We are all praying for you. Have a great time, but come home soon! Miss you already...

    Love, Grace, and Peace,

  3. ah yes tagalog, kamusta ka means how are you, that's all i know

    glad you made it


  4. KK, thanks for your blog update. WE are all glad you made it safely albeit you may be smelly and tired. Can't beleive someone got sick on you. Your message and blog is inspiring to us. The adventure is beginning for you. What is so cool is that you embrace the unknown and being out of your comfort zone with such Faith and Trust in our Lord. So cool. God bless you during these two months and may all you do reflect His love and grace to all you meet. Mom and Dad

  5. KK, keep sending us updates as much as you can.
    We want to know what and how you are doing. You are truly a gift from God to all of us. We love you and of course, miss you as always.

    Mimi and Papaw

  6. KK--So glad your mom sent your link. Jack and I will be following it closely. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you over there! Jack and Cherry Shaler