Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 2 Month Anniversary Costa Rica!

To commemorate, a list of course...

Never have I ever:

  • Driven in the middle of the jungle alone (the road to Guanacaste)
  • Thrown myself a birthday party
  • Seen a play Spanish (La Madre Coraje and Ma(d)e in Tikicia)
  • Been to beach with black, volcanoe-burned sand (Playa Negra)
  • Rafted a tropical river (Rio Reventazon)
  • Walked for 6 straight hours (La Romería)
  • Eaten so much rice and beans for breakfast (hurray for Gallo Pinto!)
  • Explored San Jose's historic district (good finds!)
  • Been to so many concerts in 1 month (thanks to the awesome shows at Jazz Cafe, a wonderful lounge-y venue with different themed music every single day. It runs more consistently than any government sector here)

And now for the big news: I will be staying in Costa Rica until the end of the year! I will be taking on a new role in the company and extending my contract. I am very excited.

2 down, 4 more to go! 

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