Monday, July 18, 2011

23 Years

I feel really godo about 23 so far. I'm a blank slate for the new year, a white page. To honor having lived 23 years today, here is (of course) a list (!) of the top 10 things I"m thankful for since July 18, 1988:
  1. 1.       The goodness, wholeness, messiness, silliness, craziness, beauty, loveliness of my entire King, Sering, Vaught, Theis, Tomlinson, Kirkland, Meyer family. I love you.
  2. 2.       God being good, but not easy.
  3. 3.       My many best friends throughout the ages who make this entire life worth living. I mean it really is incredible how many people have changed my life with their friendship.
  4. 4.       The ability to experience life with all 5 (+!) healthy senses.
  5. 5.       The fact that I have 17 years of diverse formal education under my belt and 23 years of learning the harder way.
  6. 6.       Knowing what a sunset looks like over Antarctic & Alaskan glacial waters, Pacific & Atlantic coasts, Sonoran & Chilean desert sands, Midwestern & European planes, Rocky & Andean mountains, rainforest & pine trees, and knowing what it looks like to be flying over the sunset.
  7. 7.       Shalom.
  8. 8.       What my body has been capable of in years past and what it is capable of now.
  9. 9.       The fact that I will never be _____ enough.
  10. 10.  All of the little opportunities that have lead to big opportunities (example #1 being my current position).

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  1. Why are you so inspiring and great? te quiero!