Thursday, October 14, 2010

"God has tested us this year"

President Piñera of Chile said at the ceremonious rescue of the 33 trapped miners, "God has tested us this year." I can attest to that on Chile and my own behalf! I feel the pain and joy and relief and disbelief of the world over the amazing recovery of the men involved in the longest entrapment in history. I felt the same after the earthquake happened in Februrary. And I feel the very same about my own life this past year; God has indeed tested me, and perhaps I have also emerged, like the miners, a little malnourited, a little unaccustomed to the light, with plenty of stories to tell, but safe. I definitely didn't suffer as they did, but my life is changed. That's, in one dramatic metaphor, is how I feel. 

Fuerza Chile!!


  1. And how appropriate that is was via the Phoenix! I praise God for your emergence. Go, KK. Go, God.

  2. uuh, los esfuerzos y buenos deseos de todo el mundo sirvieron, finalmente estan afuera y de a poco chile va a volver a la normalidad... realmente han sido muchas cosas en muy poco tiempo...
    pero quien sabe por que pasan las cosas..

    Es bacan tu foto de huasa!!!
    Un abrazo desde Franciaaa!!! :)

  3. beautiful KK! Your writing is refreshing!

  4. I want to be around any version of you I can - newly emerged, tested, blinded by the light - I pray I get to visit you in your element one day. I love you. Poet-on, girl, poet-on. Aunt Julie (love the gitty-up pose photo)