Monday, April 26, 2010

Donde Pertenezco

So, there's this place by the sea called Paradise, and it's where I belong. Valparaíso is home to multi-colored buildings nestled in the hills above the Pacific Ocean, graffiti art on every wall, one of Pablo Neruda's incredible abodes, and heaps and heaps of musicians-artists-bohemians that I want to befriend. This is where I heard Pascuala singing eyes-closed with her acordian, this is where I stayed out until 4am dancing to live Cuban son, and this is where I have to calm my heart rate walking through the streets because of all the surrouding, unavoidable, powerful artwork. Pertenezco aquí, I belong here. 

See for yourself:

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  1. So beautiful. Can't wait to see it firsthand. I love you!