Thursday, April 1, 2010

There are certain situtions in life where embarassment is unavoidable:
1. Learning to drive in the "student driver" car. No they are not honking at you because you look hot.
2. Attending a pool party in junior high. Or just junior high in general. Or pool parties in general...
3. Physicals (you know, those invasive doctor's appointments you have to pass to play school sports?)
4. Being a foreign exchange student. 

I have learned to cope with the face that it is quite impossible to go through the week here without taking a hit to the ol' pride. Language confusion, directional confusion, scholastic confusion, cultural confusion... yeah, you're pretty much bound to embarassment. I do feel very comfortable in my life here, but I have learned most lessons through first getting it wrong. But hey, I am learning a lot! And still have so much to go. 

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  1. A porrazos se aprende se dice en chile