Friday, March 5, 2010

A Very Chilean Day Indeed

A very Chilean day:
  • Felt 2 large tremors before going to bed last night.
  • Woke up to take the micro (bus) -->; green line metro -->; red line metro, all of which werestanding room only.
  • Went to the orientation for La Universidad La Católica which was full of regulations on registration, schedule, etc.
  • Ate lunch in a park.
  • Went shopping in a little flea market.
  • Bought a fanny pack in said flea market.
  • Wore fanny pack out of the flea market. I am super legit now.
  • Bought an ice cream cone, explored the area on my own.
  • Took red line metro-->; green line metro -->; mirco home.
  • Talked to the spontaneous guests that were visiting when I got home.
  • Picked grapes off of the vines above the garage, and de-stemmed and washed them. Ate said grapes. Delicioso!
  • Took a nap in the shadey swing outside.
  • Went to the local mall with my mom and sister.
  • Watched Chile Ayuda Chile (Chile Helps Chile, donate at, a 24-hour telethon to raise money for the country. Cried during the introductary presentation. 
  • Am about to go out with friends to a discoteca. 
  • Am super impressed with this country's youth and their influence during this time of crisis. I see donation centers all over the universities, young people in the streets collecting money, going door to door collecting goods (yes, this wouldn't work in the US I understand), going down on their own to help in the south... they are truly inspiring. 

I am feeling more Chilean than ever, proud of my newly adopted country. Viva Chlie.


  1. Lo quiero y te quiero, Kata. But seriously, a fanny pack?? Makes me want to watch "Napoleon Dynamite". En los brazos de Jesus, bmw

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  3. the fanny pack makes my life're the best. Also...I want some grapes. I think we're gonna have to eat summa those when I come visit u. You should write a longer post on the youth cause I'm super interested in that!!