Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Week of Class...

...was stressful. Still is. After discovering so many obstacles I will have to climb through to take the classes I need, I was very down. But to lift me up, God gave the gifts of these views from one of the campuses of Universidad Católica. Flags at half mast to show respect for the deaths and tragedy from the earthquake, the Andes glowing at sunset, me walking alone towards it all. It restored my soul. 


  1. ok so i don't want to be the person who comments on like every blog post, but i can't help it. this is such a great attitude and outlook and it really inspires me!

  2. hahah i love Corrie's comment. Also I like your new blog picture. Also those mountains look like Tucson! Wish you were here, or I was there, or we were anywhere together restoring our souls simultaneously by the same magnificent view!

    "I might have felt unimportant pitted against the awesome might of the mountains. I did not. Rather, on that mountain-top I found something important that I had never known before: an awareness of a vital connection between me and the Authority behind all this beauty." - Christy (of course)

  3. OOOO I love that one Abbey where is it from?