Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am here in Santiago, and I can only compare it to a story Elizabeth Gilbert tells in Eat, Pray, Love (my guilty pleasure plane read):

When a new hen needs to be introduced to an already formed group of chickens, the farmer cannot just place the chicken in the coup during the day, because the others will consider the newcomer a threat and attack her. Instead, the farmer places the chicken in the coup during the night while both the others and new one is sleeping. When the group wakes up, they see the new chicken and assume they just never noticed her before. The clincher is, awakening within this flock, the newcomer herself doesn't even remember that she's a newcomer, thinking only, "I must have been here the whole time..."

This is how I arrive in Santaigo. I feel like I have been here the whole time.


  1. wow. you should be a writer...did you make that up? so glad you are already lovin it i knew you would

    soy (estoy?) orgulloso a ti y te quiero y te extrano. tenga un bien viaje mi hija!

  2. Hola KK. Thanks for your great story. So glad you feel like your were meant to be in Santiago. Looking forward to more stories of your adventures in Chile. D.

  3. Te quiero mucho. Go, God! bmw