Sunday, February 7, 2010

Count Down to Chile

9 days...
until I leave for Santiago, Chile for 6 months to study abroad and change my life.

I supposed I would make a list of goals, places I want to see, etc. in preparation for departure, but you know what? Sometimes it's best not to make plans. Yes that is super cliché and is not at all nothing original, but I do declare myself free from goals and lists! Freeeeeeeee!

How lovely.

I will use this nook on the world wide web to communicate my discoveries to anyone who cares to read. 

Bienvenidos a mi mundo, compañeros.


  1. travels, i love that! it can learn you more than anything else!
    I love also watching photos and relations from all your trips, thhi shows that you're really great active person, who care about wicker and poorer. You wanted to help them and thats really amazing. :)

    hope you're doing great
    justyna turska;)

  2. looking forward to hearing about those discoveries. you and those discoveries don't even know about each other yet, but so soon to meet. how exciting!