Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Quest for Authenticity: Distinguishing the Real in the Convoluted Capital of Costa Rica; or How a Recent Liberal Arts Grad Went from Sticking-It-To-The Man to a 9 to 5 in Less Than 30 Days; or San Jose for Dummies / There Are No San Jose Beaches, Idiot

I have now been graduated from USC for 36 days.
I have now been in San Jose, Costa Rica for 10 days.
I have now been working in the corporate world of Human Resources for 7 days.
I have now been understanding how to drive around in fairly large city with no street names for 0 days.

Costa Rica is (I mean, do I really need to say it?) a beautiful country.
All that they say is true: friendly people, easy-going pace of life, Planet Earth-worthy nature scenes, and delicious fresh fruit at the beckon call of your outstretched arm picking the mango off the tree.
But San Jose isn't necessarily what they mean when talk about Costa Rica.
San Jose has all of aforementioned perks, but mixed with in a confusion of dirty streets, colorless building fronts, and American fast food chains.
But I am finding little nuggets of sparkle spots.
Oh, and I really like being here!

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