Friday, August 20, 2010

Traveling well is not really fair.
You are suppossed to go in with an open heart and invest in relationships with the poeple there.
The best times are when are you with those new friends, exploring, learning what it is to be a local, just hanging out,
But then there is the inevitable good-bye, and you have to leave your new friends.
You tried so hard to make these friends, and then you just have to leave them.
Potentially forever, never to see them again.
This is terribly painful!
How can you return from anywhere away from home where you've made dear friends and not want to return? 
And not be sad to have them only in an isolated place in your history, in only a little box of time?

Time and relationships are often at odds in my life; there never seems to be enough time to spend time together. 
But then do I just "settle down" and never leave a fixed location to solve this?
And forskae the longing I have to constantly be moving? 
Or just stop caring as much about other people?

A beautiful friend told me that if you leave behind your new friends in your place away from home and are saddened, it means you understand what it is to love well. 
Well loving well is painful.
And thus traveling well is too.
And it takes a lot out of you!
I've been packing, moving, unpacking starting over, adjusting, loving, struggling, and saying good-bye every 6 months since I graduated from high school. 
I am tired! 


  1. As a reminder, your very special mom also told you this truth about "loving well=leaving sad". It is emotionally exhausting. We pray that next spring when you leave USC that it will be very sad for you, too. Sounds sadistic, but you understand. I love you!

  2. I love to travel too... but then i realized, If you love to travel then you have to deal with the goodbyes along the way.

    every time i leave a certain place. I just focus on the "hello's" I will have when I reach my next destination :)