Tuesday, June 1, 2010

San Pedro de Atacama

Whenever you come to a new place, encounter a new situation, even meet a new person, there is a natural tendancy to relate what you are seeing to what you have seen in the past. The Andes mountains look similar to my Arizona McDowells, the Providencia barrio reminds me of LA, my favorite bohemian beach town is very San Francisco...

But when I came upon the deserts and sights of San Pedro de Atacama, I was at loss for anything in my past to compare them to. They are absolutely so unique, it is difficult to even begin to find a reference point. The earth is absolutely screaming the beauty of its creator. 

We saw the largest and only outdoor copper mine, biked and hiked to sand dunes, mountains and cliffs, bused through flatlands to see the flamingos and salt deposits of Atacama, and stayed in the quaint pueblo of San Pedro.

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  1. such amazing pictures honey...LOOVVE your tales of Atacama...I wanna go sooo bad!!! Have so much fun i love you