Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday Birthday Birthday

So I’m 21 now. And I celebrated with my good friends in a semi-surprise party at the church in traditional Filipino style. This means we played games, ate special birthday noodles, and everyone gave a rose. My favorite game was when I had to hit and break this ceramic pot full of candy and confetti (just like the piñata concept). Only I couldn’t find the pot for like 5 minutes. And I didn’t know the pot would just break nicely and thought it would shatter like glass everywhere so I didn’t want to break it. Sister Edna, a leader in the FH feeding program, had to direct my swing and force me to break it. It was apparently hilarious and super fun for me after I discovered the pot does not fly dangerous shards into the air and into my skin when it falls and breaks. Also the food was abundant and delish, plus I love flowers! Also my sisters sang me a beautiful song, Jenn taught everyone Pictionary using words that describe me (music, dancing, camera, etc.), and mom made sure I had a cake with candles. It was just fantastic! And a semi-surprise because I accidentally found out that people were planning a party at the church but it was still so nice they tried to surprise me. I love my friends and family here.

Can't wait for another celebration in Phoenix!

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  1. Happy Birthday dear...24th July ... its actually a good day as I've posted my first blog on the web today.

    U seem to be a good writer, will surely follow ur updates...

    Meanwhile, u can have a look on ma blog:

    Take Care...